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Chicago Fire Chief Wallace Boden Played by Eamonn Walker

Written by Dede Taylor   // June 12, 2013


Chicago Fire 25th Battalion Chief Wallace Boden Played by Eamonn Walker


The Chief ofChicago Fire’s 25th Battalion is Wallace Boden.  He is a tough but fair, no nonsense kind of leader.  He cares about the men and women under his command and they are loyal to him and he has earned  their respect.  He is a veteran firefighter and shares a past with the fathers of both Candidate Peter Mills and Rescue Squad 3 Lieutenant Kelly Severide.  It is Boden who finally makes Severide go public about his injury and it is Wallace Boden who puts the brakes on Dawson’s devil may care attitude.  He stands behind his people and does his best to keep them out of trouble, and to help them when they get into trouble.  The battalion chief of Chicago Fire‘s 25th Battalion nearly comes to blows with Kelly Severide’s father over the fire that killed Candidate Peter Mills father and he asks Severide to tell his father he is no longer welcome at their firehouse.


Eamonn Walker was born in 1962 in London, England.  His first professional acting job was on the London stage in a 1983 musical called Labelled with Love.   His first film was the 1991 movie Young Soul Rebels. He has starred alongside Bruce Willis in the films Breakable and Tears of the Sun.   On tv he was on the show Oz for which he won the Cable ACE Award in 1997 for Best Actor in a Drama Series.  Eamonn Walker also appeared in Homicide: Life On The Street, The Movie and starred in the FOX drama, The Jury and was in the series The Whole Truth with Maura Tierney and Rob Morrow.  He has also been in several series on British television such as The Detectives and Goodnight Sweetheart.


Eamonn Walker Talks about Chicago Fire and Chief Wallace Boden



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