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Chicago Fire Season 5, Molly’s Bar Scoop

Written by Faye Constantino   // September 19, 2013

Christopher Hermann Played by David Eigenberg

Chicago Fire Season 5, Molly’s Bar Scoop


If you’re a Chicago Fire Fan then you already know that if Hermann (David Eigenberg) didn’t have bad luck, he’d have no luck at all. His ideas sound so great at the time (as do our own) and the idea to open Molly’s Bar with Dawson and Otis was the greatest of them all. It would be nice to see the underdog win for once! Unfortunately, it’s as if Hermann is under a curse! “Molly’s” started out being more trouble than it was worth! It got so bad that Hermann offered up his own life in a display of courage I didn’t know he could muster outside of a fire! It looked as if all it took wass a backbone and some extra hard work to succeed. They say that every dog has his day but it looks like this Firehouse 51 dog isn’t going to have his day just yet!


TV Guide’s Adam Bryant Shared the Latest Firehouse 51 Scoop on September 17th, 2013!


What’s coming up on Chicago Fire this season? —Carlene

ADAM: As if Firehouse 51 wasn’t under enough scrutiny after last season’s sexual harassment debacle, this year the police will come looking for Dawson, Otis and Herrmann when Molly’s big-franchise neighbor goes up in flames. Did the bar-on-bar rivalry get too, um, heated? Or is someone framing our boys?


Chicago Fire returns to NBC on September 24th 2013 with Episode 2×01 “A Problem House” at 10/9c.


Truck Details from your Firehouse 5 Firefighters!




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